New Brawl Stars Brawler Official Announcement: Darryl

Hey Brawl Stars fans!

We have some big Brawl Stars news for the community. Recently, the Brawl Stars devs have posted on Reddit news about who the next Brawler is going to be! The new upcoming Brawler is … Darryl! Check out the video and original post below showcasing Darryl.

What’s interesting about Darryl is his kit. He is going to have a dual wield shotgun that fires two shells. Shotguns are pretty good close range so he is a Brawler to look out for when released in iOS and Android.

We believe that his kit is going to be a close range carry who can easily KO his opponents close range. He might be overpowered, but could also be way underpowered. We will just have to wait for further game play to be released to tell.

The Brawl Stars devs have confirmed that this new Brawler is going to have a “Super Rare” rarity! Here’s the original post on Reddit:

How do you think Darryl is going to perform in the current meta? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

What are your thoughts on Brawl Stars?

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