Hello Brawl Strats!


My Brawl Stars username is BobbyKazoole, and I’m new to this blog. I really look forward to writing with Brawl Strats and am really passionate about the game and its future. As a Clash Royale player, I know what Supercell is capable of in terms of creating not only a wonderful game with lots of depth, but an equally wonderful community around it, and I look forward to joining that community as a content creator when before I was just a player.

Favorite Brawler?

My favorite Brawler would have to be Crow (yes, I do have him, thank RNGesus for that) and Brock would be my second favorite. I really like long range “sharpshooters” so to speak because they are much more skill-based than some other brawlers (**cough** **cough** El Primo) and I value that as an F2P player.

What might I write about?

I want to bring concise and informative strategy content to the table so that everyone can be skillful no matter how much money they choose to spend. I am especially intrigued by the synergies between certain maps and certain Brawlers, and how people say a Brawler is “bad” on one map but it can dominate on other maps. Stay tuned for some such guides, as well as general strategy content and sometimes fun facts or other interesting information.

Thanks for reading this article, and thanks in advance for accepting me into this wonderful community!



What are your thoughts on Brawl Stars?

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