How to Unlock All Brawlers in Brawl Stars

The heart of Brawl stars is the presence of numerous characters that make the modes of the battle varied and fun. These characters are made of various different abilities and matrices which gives them their uniqueness. The main aspect in Brawl Stars is choosing a Brawler. The Brawlers are also differentiated using their colours. These Brawlers are found in Brawl Boxes which requires a certain number of coins before anyone of them can be chosen. Some feature of these characters may include their speed, health, super attack distance and many others. The first thing to know for all the beginners, is how to get the characters to use. From the first start, all the beginners can only use Shelly, who is armed with a remote gun. Shelly enables us to participate in the first 3v3 game mode. This is a very important step because by participating in this 3v3 mode, you start gaining coins which you would use to unlock the Brawl Box by hand and find Brawlers inside them. It should be noted that not all the slots open up once you start gaining stars, the slots open sequentially as you move from one slot to the next. i.e. 1 Slot Brawler is opened to start playing the first game mode, 3 Slot Brawler is unlocked once you have activated the second game mode, 5 Slot Brawlers are unlocked once you activate the third game mode, 7 Slot Brawlers are unlocked once you activate the fourth game mode. Slot 1 and Slot 3 are usually the most slots opened for the beginners, meanwhile Slot 5 and 7 are unlocked by those who have spent some time playing the game and have gained lots of coins. Unlocking these characters seems random, so accumulating gold coins to open the Brawl Box is an advantage of finding various Brawlers. Brawlers can also be bought using what is known as chips. But this option is rarely used since most players don’t want to use their money in purchasing gold coins. Brawler boxes have various types: which include Common (1 Elixir), Rare (2 Elixirs), Epic (5 Elixirs) and Legendary (10 Elixirs). So depending on the type of Brawl box, you will find Brawlers of the same type as well as variable amount of Elixir. The Brawl box sequence is not currently known, but it is based on the algorithm we already know about Clash Royale Chest. The primary and only way of unlocking the Brawler boxes is by using coins, hence gaining gold coins is really of great importance. Gold coins can be earned by participating in all the game modes. You can get it in big amounts if you win the challenges and less if you lose. Also daily bonuses can be gained every time your gang wins. You can also find them in the shop by purchasing and using gems. Opening a Brawl box does not guarantee you will get a new Brawler. You can get a duplicate Brawler. Most beginners tend to give up just after the first slot has been opened, but that should not be the case because this is actually a step forward in getting more coins and having the advantage of opening more advanced slots. The Brawlers are ranked according to the Slot number, which means the most powerful Brawlers are found in Slot 7 and the least powerful are found in slot 1. You need to be very careful when gaining coins because the more coins you take the more you have enemy attacks, and remember if you gain many coins and lose your player by the enemy’s attacks, you would lose the coins and would not be able to open Brawl boxes where you can select and chose more powerful characters. Buying Brawlers requires chips and depending on the skill and power of the Brawler, determines how expensive the chip would be. A common Brawler is bought for 1 chip, Rare Brawlers are bought for 2 chips, an Epic Brawlers are bought for 5 chips and Legendary Brawlers are bought for 10 chips. Trophies are gained by participating to PvP battles in any available game mode. Increasing trophies also increases the quality and popularity of your gang. Choosing the right Brawler at each level makes the game very easy and straight forward, the problem arises when you tend to choose a character who is not physically fit for a particular level and at the end you find yourself wanting or regretting why you had not chosen some other player.

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