Top 10 Brawlers to Use for Beginners in Brawl Stars

Brawl Stars just like other games have objectives which are very easy to attain and also very exciting. In Brawl Stars, you (and sometimes other people) standalone against the massive amount of enemies that are coming at you. It is a 1 vs many enemies. There are just two and two rules only which are found in this game. Brawlers and/or Hack-and-Slash with very straight- forward gaming and if there more than one game in the series, you take the best one. To make it more clearer, the Hack-and-Slash, games like Devil May Cry are not purely straight forward battles against many enemies. Also game such as those that do allow for projectile weapons but do not depend heavily on them such as Golden Axe are fine for this list. The top ten brawlers are that are mostly used in Brawl Stars includes; Brock, El Primo, Jessie, Barley, Bo, Mortis, Spike. For the beginners, the choice of choosing a Brawler is problem because there are many in the Brawl box, but instead of trying to choose which Brawler to initially start with, you may just need to strategize what events are better depending on the Brawler you pull initially. Don’t be surprised that the Brawler you choose might be the one you may end up using throughout the game. Since the only way to get Brawlers is through the Brawl box which needs to be bought or which cost 100 coins or 10 gems, you will want to earn as many coins as possible to unlock Brawl Boxes often. But never the less 100 coins might sound too much get but surprisingly, when you start playing the game you would find out that you are going to have more than 100 coins or 10 Gems in no time. Most casual players would not like to spend money on the game, so planning around the team you have is something you don’t want to miss out.

Rating Brawlers actually depends on some important metrics in the game. Each Brawler is given a rating from 1 to 10 for specific areas of utility. The total rating is calculated by the average of all ratings. Also, Brawlers can either be ranged or melee. Below are some of the properties used to rank the different Brawlers;

Ease of Use: How easy it is to become proficient with the brawler.

Range: distance from target at which Brawler can be effective.

Accuracy: Ability to hit target consistently.

Power: Damage dealing capability.

Mobility: Agility and movement speed of Brawler.

Stamina: Hit points and survivability.

Utility: usefulness to a team.

Crowd Control: Ability to impact enemy movement.

Also the Brawlers are distinguished by their colours (Rarity). There are 4 rarities in the game;

Common – Green

Rare – Blue

Epic – Purple

Legendary – Orange

These Brawlers have specific properties and abilities particular to each of them; below are some Brawlers and their particular properties;

BROCK: This Brawler is extremely easy to pick up and use. He has a long range attack which makes him stay safe against melee attackers. He is best used in maps that have walls that can protect melee attackers from approaching fast, however he suffers a low hit point.

EL PRIMO is probably one the easiest melee characters to use because of his great health, decent speed, meaning he can close in relatively quickly in an open field while he may not be quite effective in maps like Smash and Grab. He is highly effective in the other 3 modes – Bounty, Heist and Showdown.

JESSIE has the ability to create a torrent with her special and tactical moves, meaning more fire power. This means that she is more versatile in the mode Smash and Grab. She has slightly more health than the average ranged character.

BARLEY is a strong AoE attacker with crowd control abilities. His regular attacks gets damaged over time and his speciality ignites a huge area of flames to deal with massive damage. Barley is best used in Heist and Smash and Grab. The sad thing about Barley is his low health.

BO is one of the first Epic Brawlers. He is the jack of all trades which means he can find himself in any of the modes and still survives. He has special weapon, a bomb which explodes upon impact dealing with tonnes of damage. He is actually a good choice if and only if you succeed to pull him.

MORTIS is a melee powerhouse. You want to be very careful if you are ranged. He has a great dash skill that allows him to close the gap. His speciality allows him to drain another person’s health. It is very applicable when enemy members are clustered together, so that he can easily absorb all their health, but the sad thing is that as an assassin he doesn’t have a good health and therefore still require some life to survive.

CROW is a great ranged assassin with plenty of poison attacks. He can melt tanks like El Primo and he is a fast unit. The only downside is his relatively low health, so it preferable to keep him away from melee threats like Mortis and El Primo.

SPIKE has a strong AoE attack and his AoE special slows enemy as well. He is very well balanced and does well in most events. He does have some low health though, so be careful with your movements.

SHELLY is the default character for all new comers of Brawl Stars, and she is a balanced ranged attacker with decent HP (800) and a long-range shotgun attack that has a decent spread.

COLT is a long-ranged gunner that can dish out 6 bullets very quickly. However, he is also one of the most fragile characters in the game at only 600 HP.

What are your thoughts on Brawl Stars?

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