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How to create a Canadian Apple ID to Play Brawl Stars
Creating a Canadian Apple ID enables you to download Brawl Star from the iTunes app store. Before downloading Brawl stars apk and ipa files, we can speed up the time by evading the local residence limit and creating a Canadian account on the App store to have the ability to download and install the new game on your iPhone, iPad, iPod. If you have any problems creating this Canadian account for App Store, you can ask for support in our Facebook group dedicated to Brawl Stars Italia. There several ways creating a Canadian Apple ID; by creating a brand new account, changing countries. Below are some of the ways;

By creating a brand new account

There are various steps in creating the Apple ID, the first step is to Head over to new account creation page, and there you would find boxes where you are expected to input your personal information such as your name, country date of birth, email, and some security questions. All this is to make sure your account is safe and only accessible to you and remember never to forget your security question because there are some instances where hackers may try to enter your account and because of this security question, they wouldn’t be able to login into your account. In the very page where you are filling your personal information, the area where you need to select your country, you choose Canada so that you would be able to download Brawls stars. If you choose another country for example, you are going to proceed to the next page but the problem would arise when it would come to the time to download the game, you would be asked for a Canadian Apple ID, which you wouldn’t be able to download, hence you would need to re-create or edit the former account so as to choose Canada as your country. So it is advisable to be careful while choosing the country. After the security questions you would proceed to the next page where you would be expected to input some billing information. Here you are going to choose or select none for credit card information. Choosing Canada as your country does not completely convince the software that you are actually a Canadian, so you would need to choose an address which is found in Canada so as to confirm your location in Canada. So you can choose or chose an address which is found in Canada such as a McDonald’s location of your choice. Why we decide to choose McDonald’s location is because it well renounced and has branches in almost every city in Canada, so with this address it is going to be really difficult for your information to be rejected or denied. But you must not choose only McDonald’s, you can also choose other renounced places in Canada which can easily be traced and identified by the majority of the population. Another option other than a particular location is also by using a name generator website such as; Fake address Generator (Canada). The generator helps to create a Canadian name which can also be recognised in a majority of the Canadian population as someone coming from Canada. This process might seem long or stressful but when you get to do it, you would find out that it is very fast easy to handle, so you don’t need to be scared of the processes involved here. Once all this is done, then you can be sure of having successfully created a Canadian Apple ID, and you set to go.

Another method is by changing countries.

This method is worth using if you are not prepared to create a brand new account. This method is faster than the previous method. The first thing you do is to log in into your current Apple Account. Make sure your account has been active, because using a ‘dead’ account might cause you some trouble when you arrive at the final stage of submitting the information. So upon login, go to the iTunes App store, the next step would now depend on the mark of your gadget, whether it is an iPad, iPhone or MacBook.

If you are using MacBook, then you would want to scroll all the way to the bottom right to look for the flag icon. You would have to switch the flag icon to Canada. The initial country that you would find in the flag area would obviously be your country so that is the reason why you would need to change it from your country to Canada. After this done you would need to read the terms and conditions which are usually favourable and once this is done, you would just need to agree to it and you are done!

Those using iPad/iPhone, you would want to scroll all the way down to the bottom left of your iPad or iPhone. Click on it, “view Apple ID”. An account page would pop up. Here you are also expected to change your current country to Canada. Then you head over to payment information. Choose none for credit card information. The next thing is filling your address in the available boxes, as described above you just need to pick up a McDonald’s location of your choice in Canada and also using a website known as Fake address generator. Once this is done, you are now set to go.

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