How to Spend Your Elixir (Upgrade Priority) in Brawl Stars

Brawl Stars like any other game requires you to upgrade your characters abilities. So in doing this you would need what is known as elixirs. Elixirs help you to upgrade your player in such a way that is suitable for the level in which you are found. The more you move ahead from one level to the next, you would require a certain skill to able to combat the enemies found at that particular level.

Each Brawler has its own abilities which is specific and unique only to it. Brawlers are found in Brawl Boxes for you to make your choice of which to take. But often the Brawler that is usually at the first go is Shelly. Shelly is the Brawler that every Beginner starts with before proceeding to choose the next as you leave from one level to the next. You need to remember that to open up the Brawl box, you would need coins depending also on the level. The Brawl box contains Slots having different Brawlers. The first Slot contains Brawlers which can be selected using 3 or more coins, meanwhile slot 3 and 7 contain more skilled and powerful Brawlers.

There are different ways to update a Brawler’s abilities and this involves mostly upgrading their attack level, health and super. A lot of people are not sure on how they should spend elixirs on the game. So there is a priority order for upgrading Brawler’s skill which involves i.e. for the Brawler Colt = Attack – Ultra – Health. As a freemium player, it is important to hold onto your elixir and upgrade the right skills. There are various upgrades for elixirs. You can upgrade 5 times each on either Health, Regular Attack or Super.

1st upgrade – 1 elixir

2nd upgrade – 2 elixirs

3rd upgrade – 3 elixirs

4th upgrade – 4 elixirs

5th upgrade – 5 elixirs

Elixirs are spent on the priority such as attack, health and super. Shelly which is the very first Brawler excels in very close combat due to her short gun mechanics. If someone is at point blank range of her shots, they take all 3 bullets shots. Shelly’s upgrade priority includes Attack – Health – Super. Colt which is the next Brawler has the priority order, Attack – Super – Health.

Colt’s bullets does a lot of damage if all 5 lands. He is a straight offensive character that can’t take hits. Brock has its own upgrading priority which is Super – attack – Health.

Brock is a raw offensive character that does best at long range. You will want to upgrade his Super first to increase the area of effect damage. Brocks order of priority includes super – attack – health.

Jessie the next Brawler has the order super – attack – Health. Her super carries heavy utility, allowing your team to cover advantageous locations in Smash and Grab.

Nita is next Brawler whose order is super – Health – attack. Nita’s regular attacks don’t scale too well with upgrading since its just 1 hit attack, it is much better to upgrade her Super.

The above Brawlers are just some of the few Brawlers we have. Spending elixirs is very interesting as it allows you to fully customize your players and make them adaptable and ready for the next level of combat. People who do not upgrade their players using elixirs always find it difficult to move over to the next level because of lack of skills and abilities. Spending elixirs also depends on the slot level of the Brawler, those found in slot 5 and 7 need more elixirs to improve their abilities than those of in slot 1 and 3. At the beginning of this game the players should not expect to have elixirs because by this time you are not yet eligible to have elixirs.

As you progress from one level to the next, your elixirs increase, but make sure not lose your life too many times because this on the other hand reduces the number elixirs present. Unlocking these characters seems random, so accumulating gold coins to open the Brawl Box is an advantage of finding various Brawlers. Brawlers can also be bought using what is known as chips. But this option is rarely used since most players do not want to use their money in purchasing gold coins.

Brawl boxes have various types: which include Common (1 Elixir), Rare (2 Elixirs), Epic (5 Elixirs) and Legendary (10 Elixirs). So depending on the type of Brawl box, you will find Brawlers of the same type as well as variable amount of Elixir. The Brawl box sequence is not currently known, but it is based on the algorithm we already know about Clash Royale Chest. The primary and only way of unlocking the Brawler boxes is by using coins, hence gaining gold coins is really of great importance.


What are your thoughts on Brawl Stars?

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