Competitive Shelly Guide

Hey guys, it’s Awfulwaffles here with a guide on how to play Shelly in showdown. I am a top 100 Shelly in Canada and I am loving Shelly in showdown. It took me a while to get the hang of her and I am sure I will discover more tricks to win easier but for now, here is my strategy guide. I will be first listing general tricks that you should follow while playing Shelly, then focusing on what to do at each stage in the showdown, and finally talking about unique strategies to beat each brawler.

 Tips to keep in mind when playing Shelly in showdown: 
  • Get a lot of energy This is useful for every brawler, but because Shelly is medium health it elevates her to be and tanky as an El Primo with 4 or 5 less energy.
  • Chip enemies health down constantly

When you see an enemy attacking a energy crate, make their life so much more difficult by shooting them while they do it. If they are a ranged character, then hide behind a nearby wall immediately afterwards. This will force them off or the crate or just make them aware that you are breathing down their neck, but the main reason for doing this is to get closer to your ultimate so you can use it to finish a kill or get out of a sticky situation

  • Always check bushes before you walk by them

This is an overall good tip for any brawler but it benefits Shelly the most because she doesn’t want her enemies to get close. Yes, your normal attacks and ultimate are better at close range but they are no match for an el primo or bull. Her long range makes checking bushes particularly effective.

  • Get as close to energy crates as possible when shooting them

Because Shelly does much more damage when closer, use that to your advantage to clear crates in 3 shots at best.

  • Keep out of the large patches of grass near the edges of some of the maps

These patches of grass are the only ways I ever get last in a match because of the enemies ability to walk right up to you without you noticing. If you are checking bushes properly then you won’t be able to be attacked without warning, except when you are in a patch of grass as large as this.

  • Let yourself be bullied off of crates

Getting energy helps a lot, but if someone attempts to contest you for it then you should back off. The reason for this is unless someone is a low health, they can kill you pretty easily. Take El Primo as an example: 99% of the time he can kill you close range and energy boxes are usually in tight spaces. Even Nita just needs to land a few and suddenly its a 2 on 1 situation because of the bear. Just back away but get just in range to chip down their health and get closer to your ultimate.

  • When an enemy has an ultimate ready to use, a yellow circle will appear around them EDIT: They have a red circle when ultimate is up and a yellow one when they hit the button, either way watch out when you see the red or yellow circle

When you see that yellow circle, either stay away from them or try to predict what they will use their ultimate for so you can dodge it and take them out.

Admittedly, when reading this so far it will sound like Shelly is weak when in fact she is one of the strongest characters in the game, even nicer is that she is your starting character. She has good range and easy to hit attack, as well as solid health and damage. Let’s take a look on what each stage of showdown means for this shotgun wielding bandita.

Early Game (7-10 Brawlers remaining)

At this stage of the game, you just want to farm crates and poke down nearby enemies. Checking bushes isn’t as useful because most likely the other brawlers will be farming crates as well. Try to avoid early skirmishes, as it most likely lead to your death. Most important thing to remember is to try to hit enemies with one or two of your attacks to get your ultimate as soon as possible.

Mid game (5-7) brawlers

Mid game is interesting because it can either be over really quickly, or seem to last forever. At this point the poison is starting to herd you towards the centre and you want to be aware of where your nearest enemies are. This is the most important time to check bushes because there is many people who try to get an easy kill by catching their opponent off guard. I would recommend hiding in bushes for 5-10 seconds at a time to slow down your play. Try to look for nearby brawlers fighting in the hope that you can finish off someone at low health. Start to skirt towards the edges of the map because the worst thing for a Shelly is to have enemies on both sides.

Late Game (2-4 brawlers)

This is when you want to try to stay clear of the enemy and let them fight it out while poking down the one that looks like he will win the fight from afar. Ultimates will be used and you can take advantage of someone who has just used theirs during a close fight. Checking bushes is just a formality at this point, as the map will be small enough that you should know where your enemies are. Always have your ult up in case a hungry El Primo is looking for a kill with his ult. If you are trapped in between enemies at this point, you are almost guaranteed to not be first. If someone attacks you from close range, your ult will become a huge ourput of damage if you aim it right to help turn the fight.

What to do against each brawler

Shelly: Try to trade well with her by ducking behind walls after firing. If she has her ultimate and you don’t then back away. Let her fight another opponent and if it is mid to late game, then look for a kill after she skirmishes with someone as most likely she will be at low health. Attempt to predict where she is shooting so you can avoid most of the damage. It really is just a skill matchup unless there is another brawler involved.

Colt/Brock: Not often seen in Showdown because of their low health and hard to hit basic attacks. Take advantage of this by dodging their attacks and getting in close to be more effective.

Jessie: All you need to do it attack her when she doesn’t have her ultimate and avoid her easily dodgeable basic attacks. Poke her down until she turns to run then finish her with an ultimate.

Nita: You have longer range then her so poke from afar to avoid any unwanted bears. She has fairly low health so you can bully her off of crates easily as long as you are far enough away. She can turn a fight quickly with her ultimate and large damage.

Dynamike: Not very good in showdown, just force him away while dodging his dynamite. He sucks close range so if you can get close you will win the fight if you finish him quickly.

El Primo: One of your most common and dangerous opponents, stay away if he has his ultimate as it can gap close very effectively and your only chance to live is if you have ultimate or he is low. Poke him from afar but try to avoid fighting him late game and try to kill him as he is fighting so you have the health advantage. I have played games where it is me and two El Primos remaining and they fight each other and when they get low, I finish them off with a well timed ultimate.

Bull: Very similar playstyle to El Primo,just longer range and a longer range gap closer. Poke from afar and don’t get close, you might feel the wrath of his horns!

Ricochet: Rare in showdown because of poor health and inconsistency. 3 close up shots will kill him, but be aware that he can hit you from odd angles.

Barley: Another poor showdown brawler, he is terrible at close range and will die if surrounded. Be wary of his ult but other than that you can just kill him as long as you dont stay in his poison. Be aware if he is trying to kite you into his poison.

Poco: Watch out for his huge basic attack radius and stay behind cover. You naturally trade well with him because you have more damage but he could always ultimate to heal himself back up.

Mortis: Keep your distance because of how fast he can gap close. Just poke from afar and keep your ultimate handy.

Bo: Stay away from his high damage basic attack and don’t let him kite you- may be walking straight into his bombs!

Spike: He is poor in this mode and if you get close, he will die quickly and without complaint.

Crow: His poison is dangerous but he can be out dueled by avoiding his basic attack, his low health will be a great target for any El Primo players.

Well that’s it, my in depth guide on how to play Shelly in the showdown game mode. If you disagree with something I said or I missed something, let me know in the comments. This playstyle is just my personal opinion and what I have found the most success with. Hasta la vista brawlers!

What are your thoughts on Brawl Stars?

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