Smash and Grab Beginner Guide

Smash and Grab is the ‘original’ game mode of brawl stars and also requires the most coordination. In Smash and Grab, a typical stable team consists of a tank, a heavy damage dealer, and a utility brawler. In this guide I will explain how this type of team can be used effectively, and which category each brawler goes under.
Each team has a different way to achieve victory but typically your tank will want to consistently flank the enemies backline, especially if they have a piper that will wreak havoc on your lower health teammates. Because the tank will constantly be in danger, he should not be holding the gems or you could lose them all when he dives in. Your damage dealer will shoot enemies from afar, usually accompanied by your utility brawler. If your damage dealer is someone with higher HP like Shelly, then they can afford to be more aggressive and back up your tank when they dive in. A utility brawler will provide a smaller source of damage while usually providing something to assist your teammates with controlling the gem mine area. They support the damage dealer from backline flanks and can split the teams gems with the damage dealer. Your tank should be bullying people off the gem mine while your utility and heavy damage dealer should be supporting from the back while picking up gems. Like I said earlier, every team works differently so depending on which brawlers you use, you could be more aggressive or more passive. Finally, your team should have at least one brawler with a gap closer ability to be able to chase down an enemy with a lot of gems. Fortunately, both tanks have this.

Most brawlers fall under one of these 3 categories but I will list the oddball after:

Tank: Bull and El Primo
These are the only brawlers with over 1000 HP in the game currently, both with good gap closers.

Heavy Damage Carry
: Colt, Brock, Shelly*, Dynamike, Ricochet, Piper
All of these brawlers can quickly turn a fight with their huge damage pools and long distance shots, but have no escape abilities besides piper.(OP)

*Shelly is tankier and can play more aggressively than the other carries.
Utility Brawlers: Jessie, Nita, Barley, Poco, Bo, Spike*, Crow
*Barley does have a high damage ultimate but he is used best when used to force enemies away from a specific area.
*Bo and Spike do deal a lot of damage, but they are more like a ‘hybrid’ of utility and a damaging carry. Because of their unique area denial ultimates, I put them in the utility category

: Mortis
Mortis is different than the other brawlers because he fits under no category. He doesn’t have over 1000 HP, he doesn’t deal high amounts of damage, and he doesn’t have any abilities that zone enemies off of the gem mine. If you are playing with a mortis on your team, you simply are not using this style of team composition.
I hope you learned something from this brawl stars guide and can bring your skills to the gem mine! I can do a guide on positioning with this type of team if there is enough interest. Comment below if there is anything that I missed, happy brawling!

What are your thoughts on Brawl Stars?

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