Brawl Stars New Leaked Brawler – Minigunner



There is a YouTube video that is circulating around the Brawl Stars community that shows leaked game play of the upcoming new Brawler, Minigunner. From the gameplay, it shows that Minigunner is a ranged Brawler that has the ability to fire straight bullets in a cone. The Minigunner also has the ability to walk and fire its auto attack in full auto mode. Minigunner’s ult is an AoE skill that heals himself and teammates.

The last Brawl Stars Brawler that was leaked was Piper. She was leaked by a famous dataminer that frequent the Supercell Reddit subforums. Piper was all speculation at first but that turned into a reality when we saw that Piper’s info was mined from the game files. The original Piper leak can be found here.

We hope that this follows the same path as the Piper leak and we actually get to play Minigunner in the real game. For now, take this post with a grain of salt until Supercell confirms the new Brawler.

Nevertheless, this post will be constantly updated with Brawl Stars Minigunner news so be sure to check back on this page!

What we know about Minigunner

Minigunner Basic Stats 

  • Unit type – Ranged
  • Speed – Slow
  • Rarity – Epic
  • Health – 1200

Minigunner skills

Attack: Minigun – “The Minigunner makes wielding this massive machine gun easy. He can even walk while firing it full auto!”

Brawl Stars Minigunner Attack

  • Minigunner’s full auto attack gives you the ability to kite enemies easily.

Super: Bandage Dispenser – “Sometimes you get scratches and flesh wounds in a high-intensity firefight. The Bandage Dispenser helps keep your whole team in fighting shape!”

Brawl Stars Minigunner Super

  • This is an AoE heal that heals yourself and teammates in an area.

If you have information about Minigunner, feel free to reach out to us here! We will update this thread once there are more Minigunner updates from Supercell and the Brawl Stars community!

What do you think about the potential new Brawler, Minigunner? Feel free to comment what you think!

The original YouTube video that shows the Minigunner gameplay can be found here:

What are your thoughts on Brawl Stars?

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