Brawl Stars Patch Notes – July 6 2017

There was a patch done for Brawl Stars to address the release of Piper and a couple of QoL changes. The patch notes can be summarized into new features, buffs, and nerfs.

New Features

  • Trophies – You lose fewer trophies when playing Showdown at low Trophy levels.
  • Game Mode Rotation – Double XP event happens every 4 days instead of just Saturday and Sunday. The event also gives more coins.


  • Gems – Supercell wanted to increase the value of Gem packs in Brawl Stars but Supercell states that this offer may just be for a limited time.
    • Gem packages rewards 50% more gems.
  • Skins – Decreased cost of all skins.
  • Chips – Increased Chip gain from Epic duplicate brawlers (now 10 from 5) and from Legendary duplicate brawlers (now 60 from 10). Chip cost has also been reduced for Epic Brawlers (now 60 from 70) and Legendary Brawlers (now 500 from 600).


  • Piper – Supercell admitted that Piper was too strong in the current high trophy meta game. Piper’s super recharged too fast allowing her to escape from tight situations more often than she’s supposed to. Piper’s super now charges 25% slower. If you’re having a hard time countering Piper in Brawl Stars, check out the Piper counter guide here, from our partner site.

The official post below is what Supercell posted in the Brawl Stars subreddit:

Piper Balance Changes

Piper was a bit too strong in high-trophy games. Her Super recharged too quickly which allowed her to escape danger too often.

  • Super charges 25% slower

Gem, Chip, and Skin Changes

We wanted to increase the value of the Gem packs! This should give everyone more bang for their buck. This offer may be for a limited time.

  • Gem packages will now reward approximately 50% more Gems!
  • Decreased cost of all Skins!
  • Increased Chip gain from Epic duplicate Brawlers from 5 to 10
  • Increased Chip gain from Legendary duplicate Brawlers from 10 to 60
  • Reduced Epic Brawler Chip cost from 70 to 60
  • Reduced Legendary Brawler Chip cost from 600 to 500

Other Changes

  • Lose slightly fewer Trophies when playing Showdown at low Trophy levels
  • Altered Game Mode rotation – Double XP event is now every 4 days (instead of Saturday/Sunday) and gives slightly more Coins
  • Fixed an exploit allowing Band members to change Band settings (including descriptions, badges, etc)

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