Brawl Stars Patch Notes – July 3 2017

Supercell has just released a new update for Brawl Stars that is currently live in the Beta servers. This Brawl Stars update includes the release of a new character, Piper the Sniper and a new map for users.

Like our recent patch notes, we will be dividing the patch notes in three sections (New, Buffs, Nerfs).

New in Brawl Stars

With rumors flying around about a Sniper Brawler reported in our recent blog post, Supercell quieted the rumors by releasing the anticipated Sniper Brawler, Piper.

  • Piper’s uniqueness comes from that she does more damage the farther away she is from her target. Her Super skill drops hand grenades.
  • A new El Primo skin has been released called “El Ray”.
  • A new showdown map called “Feast or Famine” has been released.
  • Exclusive player profile icons can now be collected after reaching a certain amount of XP or trophy levels.


  • Brock – Reloads 8% faster.


  • Bands Win Trading – Players from the same Band are no longer allowed to join the same match in regular matchmaking.
  • Smash and Grab – Maximum amount of gems are reduced to 29.

The following is the full patch notes released by Supercell:


  • Piper! She’s sugar and spice, but not always nice. Firing sniper bullets from her trusty Gunbrella, she does more damage the farther away her target is. Of course, she never gets upstaged because her Super drops hand grenades!
  • Skin – El Primo’s newest outfit – El Rey!
  • Showdown Map – “Feast or Famine”
  • Exclusive player profile icons (only available after reaching certain XP/Trophy levels)


  • Brock Reloads 8% faster
  • Players from the same Band cannot join the same match in regular matchmaking
  • Player names hidden in Showdown in high-trophy games
  • Reduced maximum amount of available Gems in Smash & Grab to 29 (to avoid late game standoffs)


  • Increased visual ballistic curve for some projectiles (making it clearer that they fly over things)
  • Added Bull’s voice
  • New Sound effects for level and rank ups
  • Added Healing sound effects
  • New Music variations
  • New “Player Defeated” UI
  • New and improved Brawl Box animations
  • Heist: When defending, Safe HP is blue instead of red
  • Reduced Virtual Joystick visual size
  • Improved character textures for El Primo, Nita, and Brock
  • El Primo and Poco’s attack effects have been improved
  • Bo Mines’ visual improvements


  • Many various UI fixes
  • Bo’s Mines now are triggered by Nita’s bear
  • Barley’s main attack now destroys vases/bones
  • Player’s band can now be viewed from the player profile
  • Fixed joystick activation issue at the bottom of Showdown maps
  • Fixed Band Elder promotion UI

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