Brawl Stars Patch Notes – June 27 2017

Brawl Stars is live with another patch! This patch introduces some balance changes to the game. There are frequent balance changes to Brawlers since Brawl Stars is still in Beta (pending release date for iOS and Android) so these changes aren’t surprising.

Brawl Stars Blog Summary of Patch Notes

To summarize the Brawl Stars patch notes, the Brawl Stars Blog categorizes the changes into two big categories: Buffs and Nerfs.

Buffs – Dynamike, Bo, Nita, Gems

Nerfs – Jessie, Spike

With this summary, players should lean towards using the buffed Brawlers in the current meta game. Players should start using Dynamike, Bo, and Nita to see if any of these Brawlers fit your play style. This is currently the fastest way to climb trophies after each patch notes is released.

Look here for an in depth Bo guide, here for an in depth Dynamike guide and here for an in depth Nita guide. The following guides are the most comprehensive Brawl Stars guides out right now. It is worth taking a look before playing these characters.

With the buff done to the Coin Boost, players should use this guide to farm coins: . The buff decreased the Coin Booster from 50 gems, to 20 gems, making coin farming more viable.

If you want information about the current Brawl Stars meta tier list, take a look at the following guide: . Use this Brawl Stars meta snapshot tier list guide to use Brawlers with the highest advantage to rack in a high win rate.
The full patch notes can be seen below. This information is taken from (

Balance Changes!

  • Dynamike – Super damage increased from 400 to 500.
    • Dynamike’s ultimate was a little underwhelming doing only slightly more damage than his main attack (increased in last update).
  • Bo – Health increased from 800 to 900. Bo is getting stronger!
    • This health increase should bring him closer to becoming a ranged-tank.
  • Jessie – Main attack damage reduced from 160 to 140.
    • Jessie was one of the strongest characters in high-trophy games.
  • Nita – Reload time increased from 1.0s to 1.25s
    • Nita was too quick!
  • Spike – Health decreased from 700 to 600.
    • Spike was very strong in high-trophy games. He was a bit too much of a tank for the amount of damage he did.

Other Changes

  • Coin Boost now costs 20 gems (from 50) and lasts 7 days
  • New Maps!
    • Bounty
    • Smash & Grab
  • Changes to event rotation to include more Bounty (and new maps)

What are your thoughts about the buffs and nerfs? Comment below to share what you think about the Brawl Stars buffs and nerfs!


What are your thoughts on Brawl Stars?

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