Brawl Stars Coin Farming Guide

Coin Farming Guide for Brawl Stars


There are a variety of ways to collect coins in Brawl Stars. In essence, coins are used to buy Brawl Boxes. These Brawl Boxes contain a random drop that can unlock new Brawlers, upgrade elixir for Brawlers or chips that can be used to unlock new Brawlers. The more coins you earn, the more advantages you have over other players casually, and competitively. The amount of free gold coins you will obtain in Brawl Stars depends on the current game mode and how well you perform in them.

Star Player

Per Toto, being Star Player no longer awards extra gold coins.

There is a star player at the end of each match. In Brawl Stars, being the star player of the match means you basically carried your team to victory. Star players gain more coins and experience than players who just perform sub par. This is a mechanic in Brawl Stars that was added to reward players who contribute the most during the match.

If your Brawler ranks up or your player level increases, you will be rewarded 20 Gold coins per rank up. Most players usually strive for their account to level up in order take advantage of this coin farming method. In Brawl Stars, it is usually better to rank up your account very fast in order to gain the extra Gold coins.

It is always preferable to hit the maximum number of coins per level in Brawl Stars. You may want to target 100 gold coins to get yourself a Brawl Box.

Brawl Box

The Brawl Box in Brawl Stars is what every player should be working towards when they start off the game due to the various advantages it has. The contents of a Brawl Box are needed in order for you to farm coins.

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Brawl Stars replaces a double character with a chip that can be used to purchase Brawlers directly.This chip can be used to purchase new Brawlers. The cheapest Brawler is 3 chips for common Brawlers and the most expensive is 600 chips for legendary Brawlers.


Elixirs on the other hand can upgrade your Brawlers in Brawl Stars. You can use Elixir to upgrade your HP, attack or super move.

Brawl Stars Best Coin Farming Method

Brawl stars is offering coin boost that can increase the amount of coins you will get by 50% for 14 days. After activating this boost, you just need a period of 14 days where you are constantly active in Brawl Stars in order to get the most of the Brawl Stars coin boost. The amazing thing is that this cost 50 Gems.

Gems cost real money. However, subscribe to our blog and comment what you think of Brawl Stars so for a chance to win an iTunes gift card to purchase gems! (Disclaimer: This was placed here to award our avid readers).

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Brawl Stars Coin Doubler

The other choice when farming coins in Brawl Stars is a coin doubler where the next 1000 coins you earn from Brawls is doubled. This is also available for 50 Gems.

There are several ways to earn coins, which are;

  • Leveling up via player level = 20 coins
  • Leveling up your Brawler PvP trophy level = 10 coins
  • Getting first win = 12 coins
  • Opening new event maps = 4-12 coins
  • Brawling in event map = 12-60 coins

Consistent Coin Farming Methods for Brawl Stars

The fastest way to earn 10 coins consistently is to level up your Brawler’s individual levels. This is good because Brawl Stars want you to experiment with Brawlers in the beginning so that you as a player can find the characters that fit your play style.

The various levels would determine the number of trophies you can obtain. From levels 1 to level 4, you can obtain a maximum of 20 trophies. This does not mark an ending point for coins. You can still obtain more coins or trophies as you rank up.

Initially you start off with Shelly in Brawl Stars. You would need to play any event available to try and get your first 100 coins to open your Brawl box. The odds of getting a common Brawler is very high.

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Another easy way to get 10 coins (albeit slow but consistent) is by levelling up your own player level in Brawl Stars. This mechanic is used in over Supercell games such as Clash of Clans, Boom Beach and Clash Royale.

Leveling up your own level in Brawl Stars can be done by playing any event map. Each time you win or lose a battle, you get experience. The more matches you play, the more experience you get to level up.

In Brawl Stars, there are bonuses such as “first win of the day”. This is apparent in League of Legends. The reward for this bonus is 12 coins.

Another good way of farming coins in Brawl Stars is by Brawling in the event map. You get up to 60 coins just from this, even though you need to be well versed with the game before you can easily get this number of coins.

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